Michael's Story

Micheal, 34, lives in Kamuli District in Eastern Uganda. He boasts of being food secure despite COVID-19 devastation. He is a beneficiary of the “Hybrid Maize Growing Project”, promoted with technical support from Pedon Uganda Ltd. The initiative intends to build resilience in terms of household income and sustainable food security as well as provide essential minerals to vulnerable households.

“In addition to maize farming, we now have a kitchen garden at our home, thanks to Pedon Uganda Ltd,” said Micheal, who was weeding his garden of thriving vegetables. “In my household we were visited and trained by Pedon Uganda Ltd’s field staff on the best agronomic practices including soil testing to apply the required amount of fertilizer in our plot of land.

We are now growing vegetables and this has diversified our diet. Personally, I used to fall sick often because I lacked some important body nutrients according to doctors. But since I started eating vegetables almost daily, my health has greatly improved., said a jovial Michael