Evaluation and Research

Development projects need to be rigorously evaluated to assess the extent of impact created by the interventions, as well as obtain key lessons for program scale up, and replication. This calls for continuous or periodic evaluation, so as to gather empirical evidence for accurate decision making and program improvement.

Pedon Uganda Limited has built high technical capacity to undertake research assignments on socio-economic challenges, baseline surveys, midterm surveys and endline surveys. Our team of research experts undertakes a range of research and evaluation assignments, generating actionable recommendations to guide development partners and clients in making key strategic decisions.

Trainings and capacity building

Pedon Uganda Limited undertakes capacity building programs for smallholders, equipping them with proper farming techniques. Our training programs also aim to empower community resource persons as extension workers, and nutrition specialists with knowledge and skills that can be cascaded down to the farmers.

As a CSR, we do undertake internships, for students undertaking agricultural studies in various universities across the world.  Our interns have the opportunity to learn skills and knowledge from our established experts, and as well build professional networks across our consortia of partners. Throughout their placement, they engage with a variety of stakeholders including government, research institutions, NGOs, development partners, and most importantly farmers. This boosts their prospects of future employment.